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  • Cycling to the Paris Climate Summit with Oswaldo

    The plan is to cycle to Paris with a group from Tear Fund starting from Dieppe on the French coast on Tuesday week arriving to coincide with the UN Climate Summit taking place with 200 nations in the first 2 weeks in December. You all would have heard of the horrific attacks in Paris on Friday. This may change what I and all the other people going to Paris by bike and on foot will do. But I think that the talks will go ahead as otherwise it would be seen as a victory for those who use violence over civil society and international co-operation but for sure the security will be higher than ever.

    The idea of all of us going to Paris is to PASS IT ON. What I am hoping to pass on is a concern about Climate Change, for Fairness between rich and poor people and nations, and the hope that if we all act together then we have a chance of keeping this beautiful and generous world for all future generations. For many of us walking and cycling it is a pilgrimage and an expression of our Christian faith – that all might ‘have life in all it’s abundance’.

    I will be passing it on through a daily blog and I also have a companion with me – Oswaldo Owl who is also going to blog daily back for children with his adventures. With Oswaldo I am hoping to make sense of what’s going on in Paris and why people are going there. Also why sustainably travelling without fossil fuels. There will be a daily blog from Tuesday 24th for a week. I will also passing on 500 postcards from New Forest Schoolchildren to give to leaders at the summit.

    Finally, I have opened a Just Giving Account if you’d like to contribute to Practical Action, a charity that has for years worked through local people in disadvantaged communities helping them to combat poverty and climate change using their own creativity.

    I am very grateful to Tear Fund for organising this

    Mark Hancock 15th November 2015

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  • Avenue St. Andrews is a member of the South West Hants Group of United Reformed Churches
    There are 6 churches within the group:
    Avenue St. Andrews
    Chandlers Ford
    Isaac Watts
    Lords Hill LEP
    Valley Park LEP

  • Emails

    Revd Dr Sarah Hall: sarah.hall@swhg.org.uk

    Ms Pat Oliver: pat.oliver.crcw@swhg.org.uk

    Revd Tim Searle: tim.searle@swhg.org.uk

    Church Office: office@asaurc.org.uk

    Hall Lettings: lettings@asaurc.org.uk

  • Morning worship Information

    11am every Sunday followed by coffee in the Concourse adjoining the Church.
  • Telephone Numbers

    Church Office Tel: 023 8067 8787

    Church Office Fax: 023 8067 8787

    Hall Lettings (Answerphone): 023 8039 9177

  • Postal Address

    Avenue St Andrew's URC

    The Avenue

    Southampton SO17 1XQ

  • Verse of the Day 25/11/2015

    And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. — Colossians 3:17 (NIV)
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